A Milagro

By Leslie

This is a story over 50 years in the making. I have previously related the receipt of two beautifully crocheted handkerchiefs bequeathed to me after their creator had died of inoperable stomach cancer. She was my patient, “granny,” for whom I cared on the female ward of Cook County Hospital in 1966. I still have these handkerchiefs – carefully wrapped, and treasured.

Yesterday the Hispanic women who clean our home once a month were accompanied by their elderly mother. She was crocheting a lovely cloth, on which I remarked. I showed her “Granny’s” very fine creations, which she greatly admired.

When the women were ready to leave, the elderly woman – Margarita – came over to me, opened her bag of crocheting, and . . . gave me the cloth which I had admired. I was stunned – and moved to tears by this act of incredible generosity. Although, I physically ailed, my spirit was buoyed for the entire day, and continues to be so. How often do we witness, or are the recipients of, pure acts of loving kindness? I feel blessed and know that yesterday a not-so-small miracle took place, one that showed the beauty of the human soul.

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