A Struggle – To you, Cesar Chavez

By Elvira

(to all those who worked in the fields, be they of any race)

Air and wind,
air and wind
time passes as the
Since time immemorial
one time up
one time down
Darkest days,
darkest nights,
the Creature
From tyranny and little minds.

We all were sand
we all are dust,
fighting the ONES who keep us down;
slaves of History
We are always slaves of something

Strawberries DO NOT pick themselves,

Farmer John
Prays they would
Machines are machines —
NONE thinking things running on oil – not

Green fields, now
Man produced, but,
sometimes on the backs of others
Strawberries, Grapes, Peaches
All brought home – pre-packaged
By the knees of those
STILL shunned:
We EAT your

Ghandi fought
Ghandi died
How many Ghandhis will
make it right??

Cheat your brother of his worth
then pray to GOD
for your share
A Man comes
a Different name —
we know him
by his mien.
They still follow the season:
Peaches, tomatoes
unbruised at Sterling prices
and to you, Manual Labor:
half a copper, if lucky

And now, he’s dead
where evil does not tread.

We love the Fascist
that builds a wall
ALL God’s children
does walk tall.

(by Elvira Virginia Chavez, PSA Tucson)

May 2017


One response to “A Struggle – To you, Cesar Chavez

  1. Deena Sortland

    What a powerful statement on a true hero of the dispossessed! Thank-you for stirring our consciences. Via Con Dios, Mi Amiga Shalom, Deena

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