take me out to the ballgame

by kat

i grew up with several uncles who were baltimore orioles fans. i saw baseball games on tv and heard them on radio. i was still a kid when i attended my first o’s game, and enjoyed games a bit more often as an adult. three of the slightly younger women i worked with were big o’s fans and we often went to games together. by then there were no baseball games in the dc area since the senators had moved to texas. more than once i ended up waiting at the rear exit of the locker rooms to give one of my young friends a chance to meet jim palmer, the younger. it actually finally happened for her. he leaned on the window of my car and chatted with us for a few minutes and her whole life was somehow improved. i want to add one more note about my uncles. when there was a crossover, it was never unusual to see them watching a game on tv with an earphone to a football game on radio glued to their ears, and yelling at unseen happenings.

December 2016


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