“Assignment: Paris Death”

By Elvira

Fly Glass
Cries                of terror
Quiet               overcome by
Foreigner caught
in the crossfire
Christ White
the Crusades                           NEVER ended

Self righteous              westerners
shed tears at
the unprovoked Evil

Engenders of mayhem
yell: Allahu Akbar
the Sword        replaced
by drones:
Easy chair wars
against Third World
personal beheadings

HE weeps

Is this what My children         wrought

St Theresa’s                 ecstasy
for bullets in the name
of Our GO
Andy Allah                   mimicking
“the Hopi Way”
reloads                        its rifle
to kill the infidel,
destroying history                   NOT religion
For Beal sleeps.
First Father
ALL.                 HIMSELF
blessed this Earth
and Now          it is destroyed
by ignorance


Parrot NOT                  words with
NO meaning —
for the JUDGE

November 2015


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