Pepples in a Jar

Pebbles in a                                                     Jar
of many                                   different colors
Pebbles                        coexisting                    with NO BLOOD
or Hurtful                                                                    words

Were we
as                                 in-animated                as them —
maybe                                                             there
would be         Peace.

It                                  is                                  NOT.

Texts                            trump                          Love:

In OUR                                                 mind is
Yet,                  We                   claim               love
for our Brother. – :
the Smile         leaves
the Face –
True Colors                             Revealed.

We                                           bear     a scintilla
of Prejudice;                            Never able to
claim perfection!
No Jesus’ Masks!
Accept this      –                      and live your
life, as                                     a Shadow of
the Christ:
Never give up
to ape
the Dark Self.

August 2015


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