Two Words

At the meeting of the writing group on 4/14/16, the writers completed an exercise where they each wrote a story based on two words they drew out of a bag. Here are their stories:

(Elvira’s two words were “boat” and “sinks”)

Boat                 sinks
no life preservers
women and children lost
the poor —       they don’t exist —
the Mongans die
together —
because of an endearing LOVE

Band director –           play
so those left will hear
angels’ voices
Tears –                        regrets
“I should have taken the other ship
but I wanted history!”

So, terror in the cabins
leads to:          music
Let’s find         the Goods
and become
Boat                 sinks
People die
People cry
Pointed fingers
Never              bring                them back

(Sally’s two words were “boat” and “hose”)

I rented a small boat to go fishing. It was a small lake, but I heard it was pretty good if you wanted to get your supper cheap (well, renting a boat, and getting tackle and bait isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s a good way to spend the day). I threw my line in and waited.

Not anchored, the boat drifted a little, but that was okay with me. After an hour my line got hold of something. I started to pull it in. Whatever was on the like wouldn’t give in. In fact, it was moving the boat towards itself.

Finally I was able to bring it in. “Ah, supper,” I thought. But when it came to the surface, supper was not in sight, only an old torn up hose. As I pulled it out, there was supper. A small fish came sliding out into my lap. I could have done better at the super market.

(Vicki’s two words were “tree” and “seed”)

From a little seed a tree will grow. But the seed alone can’t create the tree. It needs good soil with nutrients in it, water, and sunshine. And it needs these things in the right amounts – too much water, too little water, too much sun, not enough sun, sandy, poor soil – any of these things can cause the seed not to grow into a tree. And then sometimes even when everything is perfect – along comes a rabbit and eats that wonderful green sprout – and then, no tree!


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