I Love Lend A Hand

by Vicki Mills

The Canteen was wonderful and I used it as my topic for my writing for the Writing Group the next day.  Here is what I wrote:

Yesterday, Lend A Hand hosted 50 people for an early Thanksgiving lunch.  I was one of the 50 people, who were mostly seniors, from our thirteen neighborhoods, but also including a group of Bhutanese seniors.  It was a wondrous thing to look around at all the festive tables with so many happy people eating and talking.  The lunch was the Senior Canteen event for November.  The Canteen is offered once a month, as a social event which often includes food.  Many of the attendees don’t have a chance to get out often and I think it can be the highlight of their month.  Most of the volunteers who prepare and serve the food and who drive the attendees are also seniors – so it is seniors serving seniors, neighbors caring for neighbors.

The event yesterday was an example of the best of what our community can be.  It is people helping and enjoying other people and doing it just because that is what people do for each other.  I sometimes get discouraged because our country seems to be run on greed.  Our politicians can be bought and rich people seem to only care about getting richer.  But then I see all the things that Lend A Hand does and my faith in people is restored.  Just watching all the people serving the food yesterday and walking around refilling drinks and passing out desserts was heart-warming.  I know if you asked each of the volunteers, they would tell you that they probably got more from yesterday’s event than the attendees did – they got the happiness that comes from caring for and about other people.

I am so proud to be a part of Lend A Hand.


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