Floral Technology

by Jim

When people think of technology they think of I-phones, I-pads, computers, televisions, remote controls, jet planes, rockets, missiles, space stations, DVDs CDs, I-pods, Blackberries… The list goes on and on.

But I think of flowers. Scientists and botanists have changed the colors and shapes of flowers. For example, many years ago you could not get a green zinnia. Now you can get them in all colors and shapes. Sunflowers used to be yellow outside and dark brown inside. The new one, called “Coconut Ice,” is white outside and black inside. Speaking of black, the seed companies said they had a black petunia, but it was dark purple. But this year the “Black Cat” is black with a dot of yellow in the middle.

Remember the daisy? White outside and yellow inside. Well, the new one is lavender outside and blue inside. It’s called a “Blue Eyed Daisy.”

Some seed companies sell seeds for seedless tomatoes. Where will it end??

Some day you will go out and pick a lemon that’s bright blue with silver stars.

Do you think I’m kidding??

March 2, 2011


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