The 4th of July from two points of view

The Fourth of July Remembered

by Betty

Long ago the Fourth of July was a day at the lake: canoeing about, diving from a dock, falling out of the canoe, swimming a race. Night came and there was the camp fire ready to roast hot dogs, roast marshmallows with graham crackers and a piece of Hershey’s chocolate, potato salad, corn-on-the-cob, and watermelon. The stars came out and fireworks sparkled over the lake’s water. Home the next day was with a flaming-red sunburn.

Long ago the Fourth of July was the half-way through summer. Time to think of pencils, tablets, books, and if one were lucky, perhaps new clothes for the first day of school. Time to check out your friends.

Long ago the Fourth of July was a signal summer was fleeting – soon to be gone. Time then for us to get out our traveling lists and update them. Working as a seasonal park ranger meant packing and living out of suitcases for three months. Time to cross off items we hadn’t used and never needed. Time to plan the list for next year – those things we wished we had and needed. After 15 years of summers in the National Parks, we had mastered “travel light”.

Long ago the Fourth of July was the morning we stood at attention and in awe as a lone bagpiper marched down the street, followed by the American flag held high, waving in the breeze, high school band playing patriotic marches. We neighbors stood, hats off, hand on the heart, as the parade passed by. At the end of the parade someone led the Pledge of Allegiance and we all joined in. Then the cookies and lemonade – and maybe, when we were really lucky, homemade ice cream.

The Fourth of July in 2010 is here. As we celebrate our independence, let us take time to pause and remember the cost that was paid; take time to be truly grateful – take time to remember the responsibility that is ours to pass freedom on to the next generations.

The Fourth of July is a day, a time and a gift. Appreciate it and enjoy it.

4th of July, 2010

by Elvira


Ah, Lady Liberty

greeting all on

Eastern Shore                        promising:        life



once only for                            male, white landowners.

She                        lifts                        a lamp,

forgetting                         the             Aborigines,

some                        decimated,            as vermin;

Her eyes,                      blinded,                 by             rockets

red glare:



held,                        one kind or

another            by all:



as some             strive                         to do                         “the right thing”

knowing             when                         differences

may lead to:                                    assault

soul murder, or


Yes,                        shine                                                 your lamp,

from sea to sea

for we

are                        the World –

(once a year!),


the Witching Hour                        brings                      decent




as we                                                pledge                                    our hearts

to a piece of cloth                                    crossed / double crossed



We                                                know                                                 that

only Christians will see                                                Paradise;

So, with Bible in                                                                                 hand

and sword                                                                                            at ready

we                                                train                                               our little

deceivers well.

As, Little Islands of                                                                       America

fester                   across   the   globe

we            righteously                                    enter                        Washington’s


Wearing                                    Tago’s face

buying                                    pseudo peace,

With a paid weekend                                                                             and

birthing,             the next day,

Universal Soldiers                                                                                of Hypocrisy.

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