Come Join Us. . .

We have a good time!


Summer Session has begun… but it’s not too late!

Senior Writing Project

Lend-a-Hand: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

2848 N. Mountain Ave

Tucson, AZ. 85719 248-6882

For further information on joining this writing project, or for transportation to the writing group’s meetings, please call one of the following people:

Jim 405-1291

Michele 248-6882

Lesley 302-5517


2 responses to “Come Join Us. . .

  1. Mike Haggerty

    I guess I require a little help. I would like to contribute some writing to senior writers but seem to be having difficulty getting connected. If there is anyone out there who can give me advice, I would appreciate it.
    I had Michelle’s number but it has apparently been lost in the technolgical cosmos.

  2. Correspondent

    Hi Mike

    I’ve passed your message along to Jim Kennedy, who is running our group meetings. Michele arranges transportation and venues for us, and Laura has been typing for the web!

    I’m sure Jim will contact you, but if you don’t hear, please post again; I will surely get your message and I’ll phone Jim, directly!
    Welcome to the group!

    All best

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