2nd Session Reflections…


After the completion of Session 2, Lend A Hand Senior Writers were again asked to reflect upon their experiences with the group. Here are some of the things they had to say . . .

Question: This group session was useful because:

“It’s useful to me because it gets me out of the house and I like to talk to people.” ~ Jim

“Encourages me to get out — develop new friendships; I enjoyed new ideas. Makes me stop in my tracks and ponder what I read, what I hear, what I see. Thankful — how thankful I am.” ~ Betty

“Communication between students and teachers develop. Different areas of writing presented; different ways to prompt writing.” ~ Vivian

“I really felt I was seeing more insight into writing.” ~ Ruth

“Friendships deepened.” ~ Sherri

“It allows for time to write and share.” ~ Lesley

Question: This class taught me _________ and/or helped me to better understand . . .

“It has helped me with description in my writing.” ~ Jim

“. . . much: how reading develops a motivation to try writing — how words I read pop up in what I write. Writing for me is truly addictive — always was — always will be.” ~ Betty

“Develop my writing [based on] what I learned in Session 1 and improve. Learned how to expand [my writing]; to use the computer [for my writing]; to write more objectively and connect the story with description.” ~ Vivian

“Writing isn’t just putting sentences together; it’s more — much more. [Good writing] puts the reader at the scene with feeling that appeals to their senses.” ~ Ruth

Question: If I could change one thing about writing group Session 1, it would be . . .

“I love the group just as it is.” ~ Jim

“Not a thing! Truly, not a thing. Lesley is terrific — encouraging, humorous, brilliant in organizing prompts — ‘Gentle editing!’ ” ~ Betty

“More writing, less chatting, especially when we are writing. Have difficulty when others talk and writing is required in class.” ~ Vivian

“Perhaps if we had longer sessions, more could be accomplished. Seems the time just flies.” ~ Ruth

“. . . the two meetings I missed!” ~ Sherri

“Increase the allotted time.” ~ Lesley

Question: If I were to compare Sessions 1 & 2, I would say I enjoyed Session __ more because . . .

“Session 2 because of seeing my work on the computer.” ~ Jim

“I have totally enjoyed every moment; I look forward, all week, to Monday. The laughs and the constant chatter are a true blessing in my lonely life. I’m learning much about writing — much about great literature — and I’ve made good friends.” ~ Betty

“Session 1. More people had concentration during class. Session 2 was friendly and educational, yet frustrating at times due to not enough focused time or clarity of homework.” ~ Vivian

“I enjoyed both classes equally.” ~ Ruth

“Session 2; everyone’s more comfortable with each other — more relaxed. ~ Sherri

“Each session had its value and place in the evolution of our writing group.” ~ Lesley

Question: My goal(s) for group Session 2:

“To really do a lot of writing on my novel.” ~ Jim

“For the group to continue forever. For the facilitators to know how truly helpful they are.” ~ Betty

“To develop the story. To take the descriptive writing and create a story that develops into something longer than one or two pages.” ~ Vivian

“Perhaps to further my writing and completing my book (a mystery). Maybe copyrighting it and putting it on the Network with the help of Lesley and Sherri. I really appreciate all their work and effort.” ~ Ruth

“To do more writing myself.” ~ Sherri

“To work on plans with enough reading and writing materials so that our group may continue to meet, ‘a thousand times’.” ~ Lesley


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