First Session Report Card


After the completion of Session 1, Lend A Hand Senior Writers were asked to reflect upon their experiences with the group. Here are some of the things they had to say . . .

Question: This group session was useful because:

“We met wonderful people and have a way to be useful to the community.”

“It brought me back to the original thought of writing a mystery noel. I had already written several pages in the 80’s, then put it aside.”

“It gets me out of the house which helps when you’re alone most of the time.”

“The friendship, laughter, and sharing make my day. Chatter is great fun. I am addicted to writing.”

“I got to meet some very interesting people and spent valuable time finding out about their lives and feelings. I find this a very intimate experience.”

“[it offered] encouragement to expand my writing and journaling; to write my feelings and thoughts; no editing; having work to develop at home; … to continue different types of writing and journaling.”

Question: This class taught me _________ and/or helped me to better understand . . .

“This class taught me new writing techniques and prompts. It helped me to better understand that I have stories people want to hear. I am motivated to write as a result.”

“I feel now that there is hope to continue writing with the idea of copyrighting and even publishing.”

“This class taught me there are other people like me.”

“This class taught me that I need to get out of my house and somehow find a comfortable niche. Writing is truly comfortable, even alone!”

“This class taught me to be patient. It helped me to better understand the nature of people in a writing group setting.”

“This class taught me to be more creative with my writing — to not be so concerned about perfection — to understand how to recall memories in a more fluid, coherent way.”

Question: If I could change one thing about writing group Session 1, it would be . . .

“… the time. I prefer the new time of 1 p.m.”

“… very good; only perhaps a little more social.”

“… I wish I could write my story, but I don’t think I can.”

“… not a thing to change. I enjoy the open, accepting spirit. I appreciate the transportation arranged for me. I’m learning what I already knew: I’m not alone. The facilitators are magic — friendly, thoughtful, helpful.”

“The meeting times, which did change.”

“Exapanded… more info on writing our memories. To simplify the information given out. Understand homework assignment at times confusing what to do.”

Question: My goal(s) for group Session 2:

“To see the group’s finished writing published in some format. A wish, not a goal, is that Betty would recognize what a good writer she already is!”

“As I’ve already stated in the second question: perhaps now this class will inspire me to begin anew.”

“To learn how to write the story that’s been in my head for 70 years.”

“No goal in mind. Hope I am able to come. Would like to learn how to share what I write. Wish I were able to better contribute. My goal to see everyone each week — well and happy — maybe I’ll learn to follow directions — complete an assignment! Maybe when 5 weeks are gone, there will be more. Maybe get to keep in touch when it’s done. Thanks for the fun!”

” I would like to improve the packets and to find other meeting places, incorporate the library, and internet activities, and publish participants’ work.”

“… to meet all the Ladies and enjoy being and doing things with them.”

“Show up. Understand what is being taught. Follow up with assignment. To do daily writing. To learn to write on the website. To start on my Mom’s diary and set up info to go with pictures: mine and hers.”


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